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Privacy Policy

Bugs With Mike does its best to respect your privacy. We don't collect much information, so fortunately this will be pretty short. At the end of the day this is a website to learn about entomology.

Data we gather

  • Email address if you subscribe to my newsletter.
  • Basic analytics information as described here. Note - your IP address is not stored.
    • Page URL
    • HTTP Referer
    • Browser
    • Operating System
    • Device Type
    • Country, region, city

This information is not shared nor sold to anyone. Your email address is used to receive periodic email communications from me and you may unsubscribe at any time. The website analytics are used to monitor site performance.

This site does contain links to external sites which have differing privacy policies. Make sure you review the privacy policy of any linked site you visit.

Do not sell my info

I do not involuntarily collect personal info therefore I have nothing to sell. If you voluntarily subscribe to my newsletter, by default that information will not be sold. Any changes regarding that will be communicated prior to any sale and you the user will be given the option to opt-in or opt-out.


This website is intended for individuals over the age of 13. If an individual under the age of 13 does visit this site, no personal information is collected. It is assumed that anyone subscribing to the mailing list is old enough to have an email address and use this website. If any mistakes did occur, the parent or guardian is able to unsubscribe their child from the list.


I do not set tracking cookies on this website. I do embed YouTube videos or other content that may set its own cookies, but any such material is gated and you the user must provide explicit permission before that content can be embedded and set any cookies. If you wish to revoke this permission, you can do so at any time by clearing your browser's cookies (this must be done for each browser you use to access the site).

I do use cookies to track whether or not this consent has been given. For example, if you permit YouTube video embedding, then I will set a youtube-consent cookie with a value of true to remember your choice. These cookies expire after one year.

"Do Not Track" policy

There is no industry standard for these signals so I can't honor them, but I don't track to begin with.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you.